Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Final Look Book Photographs

This is the final look book photographed with a stitch bind using light grey cotton. In the end I didn't foil the front cover of the book because with the feedback I got off people they thought it might make it look a bit tacky so instead I used tracing paper to go in the inside cover, for the inside pages I used a thin matt stock this gave it a nice professional finish and feel to the book.

Final Postcard Photgraphs

As well as creating a poster I made some postcards with the clients contact details on the back where she will be able to give these out at her exhibition. The branding I have chosen for her she has also used for the vinyl labelling for her exhibition.

Final Poster Photograph

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Poster Development

Using one of the photographs I created an A3 portrait poster which needed the branding and collection name to be used on it. For this I picked one of the favourite images and played around with the layout of the type, colour and opacity levels and where it should be situated to look good on the poster. In the end I chose the poster with the type running across the centre. I thought this was the strongest out of them all and felt that the type running across the centre of the poster created high impact.

Final Look Book

Test Mock up

Here is a printed mock up of the look book. I have noted down a few alterations that need to be made to do with the layout and size of type and also the double page spread images in the margin of the book need to be re sized.